Not only Bangladesh but also other countries of the world are quite aware that millions of dollars are being spent worldwide to prevent the banknotes and security documents from forgery and counterfeiting. The central banks and the governments are in continuous process of upgrading the security features to global standard. But output to the quite satisfactory level is not forthcoming. Experts opine that only incorporation of good number of security features in the notes is not enough to prevent counterfeiting. We feel that, public awareness is the most important and effective tool to eradicate production and circulation of fake notes and fake documents and IICT is working in this regard.

IICT aims to conduct Public awareness seminar every year where technologists & experts in the relevant-field from different agencies from home and abroad will participate. It will be a good platform for the participants to share their experiences and to interact with each other. We believe that at the end of the day the participants will acquire fairly good knowledge about how to protect the currency and other valuable documents from forgery & counterfeiting. Moreover the seminar will develop capabilities among the participants to detect fake notes and documents easily with naked eye.



We have recently published a book in Bangla, national language of Bangladesh written by the President of our institution, Dr. Al-haj Mohammad Jalal Uddin. He is an internationally renowned Currency Technologist who has academic and long professional experience on all sorts of currency related matters. The book contains description of substrate, design, ink, printing mechanism and some important security features along with the techniques of detecting forged notes instantly with naked eye.


We arranged an international seminar on awareness of the cash handling bankers on 23rd August, 2014 in Dhaka jointly with the Central Bank of Bangladesh (Bangladesh Bank). About 2500 bankers from across the world participated in the seminar. From the evaluation of the participants immediately after the seminar, it was found to be very much successful.

Now we are arranging another International Seminar for the banknote and other valuable document handling personnel on “Fakenote and Fake Document – Detection & Prevention”. It will be held on 11, 12 & 13 December, 2015 at Dhaka which will make the relevant personnel to know the mechanism of detecting fake notes and security documents instantly with naked eye. It will also be helpful to raise awareness level of the common users and concerned authority will also be able to take appropriate measures.


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